About Me


I am a London based freelance writer currently working on my second suspense novel and have recently had three short stories published in Take A Break’s Fiction Feast.

As a voracious reader I am open to anything and have expanded my reading tastes though interaction with new authors via Twitter and Facebook. There are some amazing books out there which don’t get the publicity they deserve and I hope, through the Book Review page, to promote them.

I have chosen to review only books that I have enjoyed so all of those reviewed I consider to be ‘good reads’. I don’t wish to act as a critic – because although I may not have enjoyed a book, others might.

I also write reviews and contribute to the Greenacre Writers website.

I am interested in anything related to Mind, Body and Soul and have written articles on a variety of topics in this genre. I am in the process of writing a ‘self-help’ book for busy people, with tips and pointers on how to integrate various practises into everyday living.

I can be contacted on:  c.smpsn55@gmail.com