Building a business

As well as my blog about the struggles on the path to enlightenment and how difficult it is working towards self-improvement I have tried to offer new authors a voice by reviewing their books.  Both topics are about striving to do well, whether it’s trying to improve mind, body and soul or working hard to finish a manuscript. I would like to offer a similar voice to a few young people I know to give them a helping hand with their new ventures. 

The first is my lovely daughter Kat talking about her leap into the world of the self-employed and her exciting new venture. I have seen an incredible change in her self confidence because she has been thrown out of her comfort zone. Like any new business she has worked very hard, for little reward at the beginning, but her commitment is now paying off. Over to you Kat…

kat3 Hi, I’m Kat Sampson Hornsey 

My dream for some time has been to work from home with the flexibility to work around commitments and family.  I worked in London as a chartered accountant for 5 years until February 2015 

I enjoyed my job but didn’t like the 9-5 commitment, the 3 hour commute each day into London and spending all summer in the basement of the office not getting to enjoy any of the sunshine! Also I have always wanted my own business and be my own boss, knowing that the harder I work the more I will benefit, rather than my boss!

The company I worked for regularly sent me to various parts of the country on business trips and my working hours were getting longer and longer. With the intention of starting a family in the near future, this was not something I wanted to continue doing. In May last year I left my job with the view to taking on some accountancy work at home while developing my new business venture with Forever Living.

I joined Forever in April and have had an amazing year of self development and a lot of fun along the way! In the past year my self confidence has grown and I have stepped out of my comfort zone and done things that I would never have believed I could do.

I love the freedom and flexibility that comes with being a Forever Living Business Owner and the high incomes that I am working towards. It involves a lot of hard work – as does any new venture if you want to make it work as there is no such thing as getting rich quick with most businesses. It requires commitment and a sensible outlook, plus some form of income while it builds.  We now have a baby on the way, due in September, and I am happy knowing that when he arrives I will never miss a moment of bringing him up and can work my business in the nooks and crannies around him.

I am so excited about what the next year will bring, working towards manager, car plan and all of the free holidays that Forever offer us when we meet our targets. These incentives are in line with many large companies that offer rewards for hard work.

If you are interested in becoming involved with Forever Living I have put some links below so please get in touch.