Which camp are you in?

So scientists have finally detected Gravitational Waves. They took their time as Einstein proposed the theory over a hundred years ago – but they got there in the end.


Einstein knew years ago! Image courtesy of Pixabay

Most of us (I assume – unless I am particularly dense…which is very possible) have no idea what Gravitational Waves are, despite the experts doing their utmost with explanations such as ‘ripples in the fabric of space-time’.  What on earth (or space…or time) does that mean?

The answer I suppose is that we don’t really have to understand the full meaning of scientific discoveries. What they do tell us, however, is that there is a world out there, beyond our comprehension which occasionally leaks little clues to prevent us from becoming complacent about the world we live in.

It gives us food for thought; raises questions about the world around us; encourages to seek explanations for the overarching term ‘nature’.


Complexity of our bodies – Image courtesy of Pixabay

Take us for example. Science has come a long way in the understanding of how the mind and body work but there is still so much we don’t know. Every second our bodies carry out millions of processes: physical, chemical, mental – many of which are performed by the autonomic nervous system. It keeps us breathing and functioning without us having to do a thing. How amazing is that! As Deepak Chopra voiced in one of his books, if we were left in charge of our bodies we would die very quickly, so complex are the processes taking place.


We are not alone! Image courtesy of Pixabay

So even when we know and understand that the autonomic nervous system is doing such a wonderful job, we rarely question the driving force behind it. What allows our bodies to work without our input? Nature of course, we reply. So, what is nature? Who or what is controlling our bodies; the planet; the universe? It is natural to question our existence and try to discover ‘what makes the world go round’ but sometimes we think we have the answer only to realise that the answer is incomplete.

Most of us fall into one of two camps when choosing to question our existence and the universe about us: Some take the spiritual path and some take the scientific route.  The goal is the same, whether trying to find Gravitational Waves or discover if reincarnation exists.

The truth revealed by taking the spiritual path is found by personal discovery. It uses techniques such as meditation to give experiential knowledge of things that, in the everyday life, are not evident: Are we the only life forms in our universe? Is there life after death? Can we leave our bodies and perform astral travel? Where is our consciousness while our bodies are being minded so efficiently by the autonomic nervous system?

 The only drawback of this method is that, whatever is discovered, cannot be conveyed to others. It is restricted to ‘your eyes only’. If you were lucky enough to discover one of these answers you may tell your family and friends (many educated, sane and normal people do) in the hope of helping them to understand the nature of their existence.

‘I left my body and visited Aunty Mary in Australia yesterday,’ you say. ‘Learn to meditate and you’ll be able to astral travel too!’

Yeah right! You can image how well that would go down!


Science, the conventional route – Image courtesy of Pixabay

The scientific route, however, carries credibility. It seeks its truth through using instruments of the physical world. It produces results for all to see. (That said, I believe that Gravitational Waves exist only because a group of scientists say so. They could easily all be in on a scam).

I do understand that scientists have to work with the proven and I also believe that things should not be accepted on blind faith. However, this does not mean that the spiritual path is any less valid just because individual experiences cannot be shared.

There are so many mysteries to our universe and more and more are unfolding all the time and I believe that any investigation into the truth of our existence, whether scientific or spiritual, will lead to the same place.


Conventional method of transport – Image courtesy of Pixabay


Unconventional method of transport – Image courtesy of Pixabay